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Closing the Gap: Applied Sport Psychology for High School, by David L. Rockwood, is the first Sport Psychology textbook specifically targeting high school students. It is intended to be used for a one semester high school course, but it could also be read and used by any athlete or coach interested in improving their game.

It is easy to read and focuses on the application of the principles and techniques, more than abstract theory. There are two (2) versions of the book:

The Hardcover Student Textbook is durable and designed for use in the classroom for many years. $48.24 per book.
Book ID Number: 1959722

The Paperback Home Edition contains all of the same information, but is designed for personal use by athletes, parents, teachers, and coaches. $23.24 per book.
Book ID Number: 1977288

There is also a Teacher's Curriculum Guide & Quiz Master to accompany the student textbook. It does not contain the actual text from the student edition, but supplemental teaching resources for the high school sport psychology teacher. It includes recomended course organization, tests and quizzes, a guide for starting a sport psychology class in your school, and more. (I have also included many downloadable teaching resources right here on this site.) $23.75 per book.
Book ID Number: 2035752

Any of these books can be purchased directly from the book's distributor,, using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and PayPal). This method is quickest and easiest, especially for small orders.

You can also use a school purchase order (click for instructions). This method takes a little longer, but it may work better for your school's finance department.

This is a self-published work. I chose to self-publish in order to maintain copyright control over the content and to make it available as quickly as possible.

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