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Author’s Note:
When I began teaching Sport Psychology at the high school level, I drew content from many sources. I already held a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, had been a competitive athlete, and had been coaching Track & Field and Cross-Country for six years. This background of academic study and personal experience formed the foundation from which to create this course. I built onto this foundation by reading many books (see below). The best and most readily applicable information from all of these sources was condensed, rearranged, and tweaked. As is true with any creative endeavor (because teaching is an art form), the content from these sources was inevitably imprinted with my own personality, style, and experience, thus becoming a new creature.

I must give special thanks to Coach Jeff Arbogast of Bingham High School, Utah, for implanting in me the idea of starting a Sport Psychology class and sharing his resources with me (see the reference below).

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Williams, J. M. (Ed.) (2001). Applied Sport Psychology: Personal Growth to Peak Performance, Fourth Edition. Mountain View, CA: Mayfield Publishing Co.

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