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Bonus Unit A: NCAA Eligibility

Although the textbook does not have a chapter on NCAA Eligibility, I recommend having a lesson or two on it. Many of your student-athletes do not understand the important eligibility requirements of the NCAA Clearinghouse, which includes which classes they must have taken in high school in order to be eligible to compete in the NCAA in college. I also think that this is important, because many high school student-athletes think that if they are not talked to by a college scout then they have no chance at being a college athlete. There is a spot on some college team somewhere for almost every high school athlete who is willing to go out and find it. It may mean leaving the state, o going to a junior college.

Give your students a vision that they can play in college if they really want too, even if they are not the superstar of their high school team, and give them an understanding of what must be done while in high school to be NCAA eligible.

Worksheet A.1 Calculating Core GPA the NCAA Way

The NCAA Clearinghouse

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