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Ch 19: The Power of Relaxation

Scripts | Recording Instructions | Audio Files | Bio-Dots

Project 19 Worksheet (printable PDF)

Downloadable relaxation scripts

These scripts are available for your personal or in-class use. I highly recomend that you use them to create your own digital recording (see the instructions below).

Progressive Muscle Relaxation PDF
Autogenic Training PDF
Breath Control PDF
Imagery PDF

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Instructions for recording your own audio

You will need:
*A printed copy of one of the relaxation scripts
*An audio recording program installed on your computer (see step 2 below)
*A microphone that connects to your computer's sound input

1. Download and print one of the relaxation scripts found in this section (see the link above)

2. You will need an audio program installed on your computer that allows you to record sound. If you do not have one, download and install Audacity, a free sound editing program.

3. Using your audio refording software and microphone, record yourself reading the script. Read it in a slow, quiet voice.

4. Export the audio file as an MP3 (takes up less space and can be put onto your ipod or MP3 player) or as a WAV (takes up more space but is best to burn onto a CD, if you want to use a standard CD player)

5. Import the new MP3 file to your palyer, or burn your WAV file to a CD

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Downloadable audio of relaxation scripts

Feel free to download and use these audio files (for personal use, of course). You can put them onto an iPod or other MP3 player, or listen to them using your computer. Hopefully, you will find the technique that works best for you and be able to use it consistently. Although these audio files, recorded by Coach Rockwood, can be useful, I highly recommend that you record your own. You can use the recording instructions and scripts found here if you would like.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation (21 minutes) MP3

Autogenic Training MP3

Breath Control (no audio to follow, read instructions)

Imagery MP3

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Bio-Dots and Other Stress Products

Bio-dots: heat sensitive stickers to practice therelaxation techniques. They are cheap and can be boght in large quantities. You can also buy relaxation tapes, and other stress management stuff at

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