Table Tennis

Playing Singles

1. Basic Terms

2. Good Serve

3. Good Return

4. "Let"

5. Score a Point

6. Win the Game

7. Win the Match

8. Serving Particulars

Going the Extra Mile

My Printable Rules

Official USATT Rules

Official ITTF Rules

How to Play Singles

Here you will learn how to play a basic, but correct, game of singles table tennis. You will learn the correct terminology for the different elements of the game as well as the rules.

Some of the lessons to the left have an instructional video to teach you that element of the game. You will need a flash player to watch the videos. You can watch each one as many times as you want. (Make sure your speakers are on.) The other lessons have a short written descritpion of the concept.

When you finish each lesson, click on the "Quiz" link to take the quiz over that lesson. Your teacher may have given you a worksheet to record your quiz scores. If so, be sure to write down your score after each quiz.

Begin by clicking "1. Basic Terms" on the menu to the left.